Family Law

Family is the cornerstone of many people's lives. Sometimes disagreements or conflicts arise in families that require legal assistance or the end of a relationship can prompt the need for legal action. The Trenti Law Firm offers legal counsel in the areas of divorce, child custody, parenting time, paternity, child support, juvenile matters, spousal maintenance, post-decree issues, division of retirement benefits, domestic abuse/orders for protection, Early Neutral Evaluations (ENEs), mediation and arbitration. 


In legal matters involving our families and/or children, the stakes can be very high, and emotions can be fierce. During these times, you need to have qualified legal representation by your side to advocate on your behalf. You must take the necessary steps to ensure that your rights and your children's rights are protected. It is never advisable to go into a family law proceeding without legal advice and representation as the decisions you make can have irreversible consequences. With the assistance of a qualified and experienced family law attorney at the Trenti Law Firm, you can rest assured that your rights will be protected. Do not find yourself in an intimidating legal scenario alone. 


Choosing the right family law attorney is an important decision, especially during a time that can be stressful and frustrating. The Trenti Law Firm understands what you are going through during this difficult time and our attorneys and staff are there to guide you through the process - step-by-step. The Trenti Law Firm has over a 50 year tradition of assisting clients with both complex and simple family law matters. Please contact the Trenti Law Firm to schedule your free half hour consultation. 

Tracy Podpeskar Skalko
Kris Hennis (Legal Assistant)